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Software that makes microgrids happen.

Integrated suite of software that provides end-to-end microgrid energy modeling and management.



Our B2B SaaS product that provides energy modeling used as a sales and design tool by energy developers.

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Our patented, proprietary platform that enables integration and optimization of multiple energy sources: Solar, Batteries, Generators.

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CleanSpark can provide systems utilizing a variety of operating modes to meet a wide range of single or multiple generator applications.

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CleanSpark Team
Savings. Control. SEcurity.

Our simple, affordable, and automated approach converts your energy expenses into secure, sustainable energy savings.

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Energy Data Modeling

What is a Microgrid?

A localized group of electricity sources and storage (batteries) that normally operate connected to the traditional grid. A microgrid can also disconnect to “island” away from the traditional grid as economic or physical conditions dictate.

CleanSpark’s software models and directs the microgrid’s operations.

Your individual technologies are far ahead of the known market, and together have the potential to change the face of the current microgrid and energy industry.
United States Marine Corps
The system architecture is elegant, flexible and scalable and best possible system to control a multi-vendor microgrid.
Southern California Edison
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