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*If Qualified (Fire Zone)

If Qualified, the California High Fire Rebate Covers Installation Costs of a Home Back-up Battery System

Wildfire Season Is Upon Us

In preparation for the upcoming wildfire season, the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is offering rebates for installing energy storage (battery) technology at your home.
Battery storage is essential in an emergency preparedness plan for power outage events, especially for homes within high fire risk areas.

A California High Fire Rebate That Covers The Entire Cost of a High End Battery System is Now Available

How Vulnerable is Your Home?

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It only takes 5 minutes to save $26,400 or more

The High Fire Rebate, in most cases, pays for the entire cost of two to three high-end batteries including installation. That's $26,400 or more in value for FREE!

Power Through OutagesBlackouts will no longer affect your home when the grid goes down.

Smart Time of UseNever worry about High Peak Rate Time of Use again. Power up at any time, any day, during any season.

Recharge With Clean Energy Pair with a solar energy system for an environmentally conscious system.

Keep Appliances Running You can now have any appliances in the home such as the air conditioner running without interruption.

Solar Watt Solutions is the only company who guarantees you:

  • 25 year 100% solar production guarantee
  • No payments until completion
  • 25 year workmanship warranty
  • Honest answers to your questions
  • and more!

Solar Watt Solutions has been dedicated to solar for more than 10 years. Their top priority is always doing what is right for the customer and we base all our business practices with this in mind.