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Why Go Solar?

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If you are considering purchasing a solar energy system for your residence or business, you probably have plenty of questions.

You may be wondering what Solar Watt Solutions can do to assist you with the purchase, design, installation, and maintenance of your solar energy system. Or you may have questions about whether your home or commercial building is a good candidate for solar energy.

To assist our valued residential and commercial solar energy system clients, Solar Watt Solutions has compiled the following list of frequently asked questions to address some of the most common queries we receive.

If after reviewing the questions and answers below you still have questions about how a solar energy system could reduce your monthly energy bills and help your home or business Go Green, do not hesitate to contact Solar Watt Solutions for answers to your specific questions.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Why Solar ?

Why Solar?

Fossil fuels that power traditional electricity not only harm the environment, but are constantly rising in price.

Solar power provides clean, sustainable, and renewable energy that provides a long-term investment that saves money on energy bills and adds value to your property.

Advantages of solar power include:

  • Clean renewable power
  • Saves energy and money
  • Adds value to property
  • More affordable than power from the utility
  • Flexible financial options
  • Tax incentives


Why Should I Buy A Solar Energy System

Why Should I Buy A Solar Energy System From Solar Watt Solutions?

At Solar Watt Solutions, we specialize in helping our valued clients design and install the solar energy system that is the best fit for their individual energy needs.

As a solar system integrator, we are not tied to a single brand or manufacturer and will work with you or your company to determine which components from a variety of solar energy system companies can meet those needs for the lowest price.

Also, Solar Watt Solutions is not in the business of installing a solar system in your home or business then leaving you to fend for yourself.

We provide lasting, comprehensive customer service to ensure that your solar energy system continues to provide cost savings and optimal service for years to come.


Is My Home Or Business A Good Place For A Solar Energy System?

Is My Home Or Business A Good Place For A Solar Energy System?

Thanks to more than 300 days each year of abundant sunshine, California is generally a great place for solar energy. The fact that the state and many local jurisdictions offer rebates and other financial benefits to California businesses and homeowners who installed solar energy systems makes installing a solar energy system in California an even more attractive option. There are other factors to consider, such as the location of your home or business and your energy needs. You can get more answers about a solar energy system is a good fit for your home or business by scheduling a free, no-obligation consultation with Solar Watt Solutions.
How Large Should My Residential Or Commercial Solar Energy System Be?

The size and generating power of your solar energy system will depend on many factors, including your individual energy needs, the size of your roof, and how much of your energy you want to produce with solar power. Generally speaking solar energy system sizes for residential homeowners range from 2-10kW and a typical commercial system will range from 25kW to in excess of 100kW.

How Much Money Can I Save On My Energy Costs By Installing a Solar Energy System?

The amount of money you or your business can shave off your monthly utility bill by installing a solar energy system on your home or business depends on a variety of factors. The size of your system and the percentage of your total energy supply that is provided by solar power help determine your savings. However, most solar energy clients find they can totally eliminate their monthly electricity bill, which in California averages $200 and can climb as high as $500 for larger households.


Will My Solar Energy System Still Work On Cloudy Days?

Will My Solar Energy System Still Work On Cloudy Days?

Solar energy systems still work on cloudy days, but they will not produce as much energy as on a clear, sunny day.

In general, solar power panels produce about half as much energy on cloudy days than they will on sunny days.

Also, most solar energy systems are capable of storing energy that is generated on sunny days so the power can be used when it is needed on days when cloudy conditions prevent the system from generating enough power.


Can I Finance The Cost Of My Solar Watt Solutions System?

Can I Finance The Cost Of My Solar Watt Solutions System?


Solar Watt Solutions can help you arrange financing of your residential or commercial solar energy system at the most competitive interest rates.

As a result, when you finance the purchase of your solar energy system, you may find that you are actually paying less each month than you have been paying a utility each month.


Solar Panel Buying Tips

Solar Panel Buying Tips

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