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Solar Panel Installations

in Carlsbad, CA

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Here are some of our solar panel installations at residences in Carlsbad, California:

8.505 kW solar system with LG 315 panels and Enphase Microinverters

This solar system will produce 100% of the power the home needs saving $3,700/year.

The system will pay for itself in 4 years and then the home owners will enjoy free power for at least 21 more years due to the full system 25 year warranty.

7.975 kW solar system with SolarWorld 275 panels and Enphase Microinverters

This solar system will produce 100% of the power the home needs.

The home owners purchased a Tesla S electric vehicle.

Solar Watt Solutions reviewed their production numbers and had them switch to a time of use rate schedule with SDG&E.

Without adding any more solar the same solar system now takes care of 100% of their home and Tesla power needs.

The home owners drove their Tesla 14,000 miles for free.

8.96 kW solar system with SolarWorld 285 panels and Enphase Microinverters

The solar system will provide 100% of their home and home based business needs and power an electric car saving them $6,000/year for power and gasoline.

3.5 kW solar system with Sharp 175 Watt panels and Xantrex Inverter2

Provides 100% of the family’s energy needs saving them over $1,000/year.

“Solar Watt Solutions was first class all the way. They were very professional and answered all of our questions along the way. The installation went very smoothly, was completed on schedule and we would recommend them to anyone.”

~ home owners

5.75 kW solar system with REC 230 Watt panels and Enphase roinverters

Stevens Residence

See real time production information. The solar system provides 95% of the family’s energy needs saving them over $1,800/year. Lifetime savings are over $100,000. Environmental CO2 emissions savings of 148 tons over the life of the system. That is equivalent to driving a car 500,000 miles, flying 305,000 miles or planting 6,000 trees.

“Coming from the UK where the sun seldom shines it was an easy decision to install solar power here in San Diego county. Not only are we doing our small bit for the environment but we also get a great return on our financial investment.

We approached several local companies to invite bids for the work but were most impressed by the professionalism of the Solar Watt Solutions team. They tailored a solution to meet of our family and property and their use of micro-invertors gave us what we feel is the most efficient system.

The installation process was handled quickly and with minimal effort or disruption on our side. We would recommend Solar Watt without any hesitation.”

~ Paul and Melanie Stevens