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Introduction to Solar Energy

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Why Go Solar?

Fossil fuels that power traditional electricity not only harm the environment, but are constantly rising in price.

Solar power provides clean, sustainable, and renewable energy that provides a long-term investment that saves money on energy bills and adds value to your property.

Advantages of solar power include:

Clean renewable power

Saves energy and money

Adds value to property

More affordable than power from the utility

Flexible financial options

Tax incentives

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How Does Solar Energy Work?

Solar electric energy uses sunlight to power homes, businesses, farms, and more.

First, solar energy frees electrons in the semiconductor. These electrons then travel through an electrical circuit to power electrical devices or send the energy to the grid in the form of electricity.

Devices which convert solar energy into electricity are called photovoltaic (PV) devices and can be used to power something as small as a calculator to as large as a residential or commercial building.


How Does PV Technology Work?

Photons from sunlight strike and ionize the solar panel (which uses semiconductor material). This causes the outer electrons to break free of their atomic bonds.

The design of the semiconductor’s structure forces these electrons to flow in a single direction, creating an electrical current.

One of the most common forms of PV technology for solar energy in California is known as concentrating PV arrays.

These devices use mirrors and lenses and are most effective in areas such as Southern California where direct sunlight prevails.


Costs Of Solar Photovoltaics

During the energy crisis of the 1970’s, interest in solar power led to the first use of PV devices in homes and businesses, but the high costs (nearly 30 times the cost of solar energy today) barred widespread use.

The good news is that industry developments (including scaled up manufacturing and improved technology) have continually lowered the cost of solar installation, so much so that the average price of a full PV system has fallen by 33% in the last 5 years!


The Cost Of Commercial Solar Installation

The low startup cost of commercial solar installation makes it a worthwhile investment for businesses large and small.

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The Cost Of Residential Solar Installation

Despite that solar energy is now more affordable than ever and a solid, proven investment that saves significantly on long-term energy costs, many people still assume the cost of residential solar installation would be well beyond their reach.

But solar isn’t just for the rich!

In fact, middle class homeowners stand to gain the most from investing in solar energy.

With our long-term payment plans, tax credits, and more there are plenty of affordable solutions available to you.

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