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Ground Mount Solar Panel Systems

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Ground Mount Solar Systems In San Diego . Orange County . Riverside

Ground Mount Solar Systems In San Diego . Orange County . Riverside

What is the difference Between Ground Mount and Rooftop Solar Panel Installation?

Solar energy provides homes, businesses, farms, and more with sustainable, renewable, cost-saving energy. The amount of energy used determines the number of solar panels needed.
So where do you place these panels?

Solar panels can be placed on either the ground or on rooftops. Both ground mount and rooftop solar have their own advantages.

Which method is best for you depends on several factors.

Advantages Of Rooftop Solar

When you think of a solar panel, the image of square-patterned device atop a roof most likely comes to mind. Rooftop installations offer several advantages over ground-mount including:

Aesthetics Solar panels come in a variety of styles to blend with your existing rooftop and match your preferred style and taste.

Space optimization- With rooftop solar, you are using existing material space rather than a portion of your yard or land that could be used for other purposes.

Speed- It is typically easier to install a panel on the roof than the ground, making installation faster.

Fortification- Rooftop systems help maintain the value of your property by protecting roofs from damage and wear due to weather, aging, and more.

Advantages Of Ground Mount Solar

Although most cases favor a rooftop system, there are times when ground-mount solar proves the better option. These include:

Installation size- Sometimes a roof provides insufficient space for the size of the solar panel. Using ground mount solar allows for a larger number of panels which can provide more power. Farms are often a good place for such systems as farms often need quite a bit of power and have the space to accommodate larger ground-mount systems.

Orientation- If your home’s roof faces away from the sun toward the North, placing the panel on the ground will allow for better direct sunlight, giving you more power. Shading can significantly reduce the amount of energy available through a solar system, so choose a sunny part of the land for better electricity production.

Fewer upgrades- Roofs sometimes require additional fortification before a panel can be placed. Ground mount systems do not require this work.

Neighborhood restrictions- some neighborhoods forbid rooftop panels for aesthetic purposes. Ground mount systems can be placed so that they are not visible from the street.

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