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Cost Of Solar Panels Valley Center, CA

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Cost of Solar Panels in Valley Center, CA

Initially, the cost of solar panels may seem high but is usually recovered within three to four years leading to significant long-term savings. In 2018, the mean cost of solar panels in Valley Center, California, is pegged at $3.40 per watt. For a typical household solar system of 5 kilowatts, a solar panel system costs around $16,900, but this amount is offset by federal rebates and incentives such as payments for the excess electricity your system generates and is absorbed into the main grid.

The standard federal tax credit is the solar tax credit that offsets costs, making solar power doubly attractive. The solar tax credit is currently available at 30 percent, a standard for both domestic and commercial segments. The $16,900 figure quoted earlier would then come down to a very affordable $11,830.

It’s not just Solar Watt Solutions in Valley Center, but other providers will also tell you that once the cost of the installation is paid up, solar generation of electricity is thereafter free and protects you against inevitable utility price escalation in per unit cost of electricity. If your household averages monthly bills of $150 per month, you save $1,800 per year for at least 25 years, amounting to over $60,000 in savings when including the continual utility rate increases. The money thus saved is better than the income you would get out of investing in stocks and bonds over the same period and since you aren’t taxed on savings it is tax free

Moreover, the cost of installing a solar system after including rebates works out to $7,875 for a 3kW system and $23,500 for a 12kW system.

Solar Watt Solutions In Valley Center, California

There’s no going back on traditional methods of electricity generation getting replaced with renewable energy sources such as solar power, which is effective, fully sustainable and economical in the long run. The cost of infrastructure is usually recovered within 3 to 5 years, and for the next 25 plus years, the cost of electricity is nearly free.

Reflecting this need and trend, the US has witnessed a spurt of solar energy companies in the last 15-20 years to cater to the demand and Solar Watt Solutions in Valley Center is one the best of them. Solar Watt Solutions in Valley Center understands the specific power needs of a homeowner, their budget and then suggests a customized and aesthetically pleasing solar power installation plan. Since it does not enter into exclusive tie-ups with manufacturers of solar equipment, it’s free to recommend the best possible and affordable equipment mix custom designed for each homeowner.

Homeowners can also utilize subsidies and rebates given by the federal government totaling 30 percent of installation costs to power their homes. Homeowners need not worry about sunlight. Sunny California with its year-round sun leads the way with almost 20,000 megawatts of installed solar—equal to the rest of the 10 solar producing US states. In fact, Valley Center, CA averages 258 sunny days per year compared to the US average of just 205 sunny days.

So, once you decide to go solar, you receive almost no energy bills with a solar system that is correctly designed to meet your annual usage. While at the same time reducing your carbon footprint and thus doing your bit to save the environment.

California’s Net Metering Incentive

Net metering may have been involved in a few legal tussles in California, but so far it is the biggest attraction for going solar. Solar homeowners receive bill credits for excess solar power generated through their system from their energy utility.

The California Solar Initiative also gives low-income households cash rebates of up to $10,000 through its various utility companies such as Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE), and San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E).

At Solar Watt Solutions in Valley Center, we will help you navigating the various rebates and subsidies on offer to minimize your per kW solar cost.

Major Savings For Valley Center Residents

It’s been the experience of Solar Watts Solutions in Valley Center that long-term return on investment (ROI) is the decisive factor in going solar. Homeowners envisage a further decline in solar installation prices over the coming five years, but this trend in no way deters their enthusiasm for going solar. It is the long-term ROI that accrues from near nil electricity bills that attracts them. The savings from not paying public utility bills are significant even in states where utility rates are cheaper than the expensive utility costs here in California.

A look at solar quotes for 2017 reveals potential savings vis-à-vis system size over 25 years that range from $53,433 for 3 kW to $163,007 for a 12 kW system.

How To Get The Best Price For Your Solar Installation In Valley Center

The key to getting the best solar installation price is research, which will help you in obtaining quotes from prospective installers. Homeowners who spend time on extensive research are known to have saved 10% or more on installation costs.

In a recent report, the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) suggested that consumers shouldn’t fall prey to large installers but search for smaller companies that offer the best price for the most efficient installation.

Another recent report by the federal government highlighted a price differential of $2,000 to $5,000 between large and small solar companies—indicating more rigorous screening from homeowners and demanding multiple quotes from solar installers.

An installer such as Solar Watt in Valley Center uses suppliers of the most affordable yet efficient solar panels for your residence.

Weigh Solar Equipment Options

Some prominent national level players may not only quote higher but also offer lesser solar equipment options compared with smaller solar installers. This has a negative impact on electricity production in your home. So, collect a few bids, compare the equipment on offer and select the most reasonable yet efficient offering.

Investing in top-range equipment doesn’t necessarily ensure higher savings. You can only find the ‘perfect match’ for your home when you examine different quotes combined with financing options. At Solar Watt Solutions in Valley Center, we help homeowners understand local and federal funding, cash rebates, and other subsidies.

For a resident looking at solar power for the first time, making the right choice can be difficult but Solar Watt Solutions in Valley Center is here to help answer all your questions and understand the best options for solar on your specific home.

Solar Watt Solutions in Valley Center also encourages homeowners to make full use of our free downloadable Solar Buying Guide and solar evaluation service to better understand solar power fundamentals, cost of equipment, and savings. To schedule an appointment for a customized solar power system installation, please call Solar Watt Solutions in Valley Center at 855-600-9288 (WATT) and our experienced staff member will lead you through the process.

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