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Solar Savings For Your Business

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Why Solar?

Why Solar?

Schools, farms, and businesses large and small can benefit from solar installation.

There are a variety of incentives available to California commercial property owners including local and federal tax incentives.

Your solar system provides a long term investment that saves money on energy costs and adds value to your property


Solar Watt Solutions has been dedicated to solar for more than 10 years.

Our top priority is always doing what is right for the customer and we base all our business practices with this in mind.

At Solar Watt Solutions, we pride ourselves on partnering with companies who are leaders and innovators in the solar energy field to design and install Green energy solutions that give our residential and commercial clients the power to save money and help preserve the environment.

We offer a wide variety of residential solar solutions and work closely with our clients every step of the way to deliver the best value for their individual needs and solar energy investment.


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    Ken T. 05/15/2019

    Fantastic company. Ollie as our rep and he was just awesome! He answered all of my questions and willing to meet on my schedule and location. Very...

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    Pierre D. 05/25/2019

    I highly recommend solar watt Solutions for your solar needs. There are hundreds of companies out there that promise you the world and when you start they...

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    Debbie G. 07/22/2019

    This is 18 months in -- our savings has been tremendous -- more than promised -- and when we had an issue (because we changed internet providers we couldn't...

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  • Ground Mount Solar Panel Systems

    Ground Mount Solar Panel Systems

    Solar energy provides homes, businesses, farms, and more with sustainable, renewable, cost-saving energy. The amount of energy used

  • Business


    More and more businesses opt for solar energy. Call us about our solar panel installations for businesses.

  • Farms


    The flower fields of Carlsbad uses solar energy from solar panels we installed for them. Call us today for more information.

  • Schools


    We install solar panels for schools.

  • Cost of Commercial Solar Installation

    Cost of Commercial Solar Installation

    Due to the rising costs of traditional electricity and thanks to improved technology and manufacturing, the cost of solar energy is now less than other energy sources in a number of markets.