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Today, there are many types of distributed energy technologies being used. As technology advances, more and more tech is being added. The world is always looking for better forms of energy, whether it’s solar power, hydropower, etc. and innovative energy storage. It’s important to have a means of keeping track of the dynamic technology landscape with the various types of energy controls and energy management software. CleanSpark can provide the help users like you need.

Good energy software makes life easier for developers, EPCs, energy consultants and others who are involved in energy. There are many types of software including microgrid control software from CleanSpark that can help to simplify things. They can help manage microgrids and help users create projects that use multiple distributed energy resources from energy like solar PV and beyond.

Why CleanSpark?

CleanSpark is a company that provides advanced software and controls technology solutions. The products are geared at helping solve modern energy challenges that many today are facing. To help facilitate this, CleanSpark offers a range of features and tools for customers.

There are energy controls, which is a software solution that will help to monitor, maintain, and manage energy systems. The software will make it possible to provide your customers with the highest possible energy savings and to ensure future energy availability. CleanSpark has OpenADR certification through GridFabric and can provide a range of consulting services that can cover design, technology, and business processes.

Additionally, CleanSpark owns and operates a data center that can offer on-site and cloud-based data center services for customers. It owns and operates Bitcoin miners that have a mining capacity of more than 200 PH/s.

What Does CleanSpark’s DER Management Software Provide?

Another type of energy software offered through CleanSpark is mPulse. One of the benefits is that it’s technology-agnostic. It provides users with energy management software and supervisory tools that can work with a wide range of energy assets. This software can be utilized as a solar controller or for other energy assets like generators, wind, building management and energy storage solutions like batteries. The software can help to ensure the delivery of the lowest cost energy with a high level of resiliency.


The software can forecast energy consumption, as well as weather data thanks to the patented forecasting solution it contains. It can analyze the available resources in the system and compare this to the user’s needs. This will make it possible to determine how to manage energy in the here and now, as well as their future energy needs. You can prioritize battery discharge for the highest value targets and get a better understanding of when the battery should be conserved. It’s even possible to adjust the control algorithms quickly for when the rates change.

When looking at the data, it is important to realize that there could be discrepancies between the total energy savings, annual PV energy savings and annual storage savings when there are DERs added. Often, a microgrid will have one or more DER. These will modify the energy consumption from the utility. In some cases, solar panels could generate energy that will offset the amount of energy needed from the utility.

Works with Multiple Types of Tech

To make the software as easy to use as possible, it doesn’t rely on or work with a single system. For example, it uses standard communication protocols and can interface with REST, CAN, DNP3, and Modbus RTU & TCP. The software supports plug-and-play protocols like Sunspec and can take part in Demand Response programs with the use of ADR 2.0. Cyber-physical security has been built into all levels of the technology, making the system secure.

Modular Shape

Another reason to consider mPulse is because it’s modular and can support a range of energy controls systems. It can work well with either a simple setup or complex configuration. The controls hardware includes commercial products that have been sourced from Tier 1, ISO 9000 vendors. This helps to make plug-and-play implementation easy. Everything is made to scale and your setup can evolve as your needs change.

mPulse Offers Quality Monitoring and Optimization Capabilities

The algorithms that are part of the energy management software will monitor the conditions in the energy system or microgrid that you’ve set up. This monitoring will make it easier for you to respond in the event of a problem and help ensure the maintenance of the system's integrity. Additionally, it can give you a quick picture of what’s happening in the system while finding ways to improve your energy savings and ensuring future energy availability.

Options for MPulse

You have three different options or tiers when it comes to mPulse energy management software. You can opt for Lite, Pro or Max depending on your needs. This provides users with more flexibility. It also allows you to upgrade as needs change. Let’s look at each of the tiers to see what they offer.

●      Lite – Lite includes local monitoring and scheduling for energy controls. Keep in mind that there will be a fee to change the schedule if you opt for this tier.

●      Pro – Pro features local monitoring and scheduling for energy controls, support for a range of pre-configured alarms, alert distributions over email and SMS, full cloud portal functionality, and automated monthly reports. There is no fee to change the schedule with this tier.

●      Max – The Max tier includes everything the previous tiers offer plus local economic optimization to ensure the best rates. In addition, it has ad-hoc reporting and data exporting along with heavier hardware for the local controller.

You can choose the tier that works for your current needs and then change to a different tier later if needed.

Where Could the Software Help?

Consultants and other professionals who are using the energy management software will find that it can be game-changing in a host of different locations. It could be used for commercial and industrial campuses, entire neighborhoods and communities, multi-family developments, and retail shopping centers. The software options are scalable, so they can work for a wide range of purposes.

Those who have been looking for high-quality, easy-to-use energy software options will find that CleanSpark offers some of the best. Take the time to learn more about our software and features to determine whether it might be a good option for your business. Download a brochure or call our sales team at866-245-1772 today.