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Environmental, Social, and Governance Portal

Environmental, Social, and Governance Portal

CleanSpark is committed to advancing sustainable bitcoin mining practices as we build the infrastructure of the future.

We strive to be the leading digital currency miner by integrating key ESG criteria into our business operations and by being completely transparent with our stakeholders. Bitcoin miners have an important role to play in decarbonizing the economy, educating the public on the social utility of Bitcoin, and operating transparently so that newcomers to the bitcoin ecosystem can fully participate in and understand this next stage in the evolution of money. Bitcoin miners may be hardware operators and infrastructure developers, but the blockchain is about more than ledgers and nonces and machines: it’s about people and the planet. It’s about creating a better world.

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Overview and Goals

For a better world

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to create something larger than ourselves by building the infrastructure of the new economy. Bitcoin gives us a rare opportunity to participate in something bigger and more important than our individual selves. Bitcoin is a watershed moment, not only in the history and invention of money, but in how we relate to each other.

Goals we’re committed to

Our ESG commitments are a natural extension of our core values: To cultivate trust and be transparent. We may not be the best (yet) or the boldest (soon enough), but we are the most trusted and transparent bitcoin miner in the world. And that’s what makes us different.

A letter from our CEO


Facilitating the transition to a low-carbon economy

CleanSpark sources low-carbon energy because a brighter tomorrow starts today. We care about the environment and believe that bitcoin miners have an important role to play in decarbonizing the economy. We source sustainable energy and constantly optimize our operations to make them more efficient. We collaborate with utilities to make the grid better for everyone.

Energy Use & Mix for FY2022-Q2

Energy Use & Mix for FY2022-Q3


Investing in our people and the communities that we operate in

We partner with the communities we operate in and work to earn their trust. Whether building our own facilities or choosing partners to host our machines, we make a positive impact on local economies by developing underused infrastructure and creating new job opportunities.

Lactation Accommodation Policy

A Word About Our Employee Relations Philosophy

Drug And Alcohol-Free Policy

Smoke-Free Workplace Policy

Workplace Violence Policy

PTO Policy

Disability Accommodation Policy

Non-Discrimination Policy

Pregnancy Accommodation Policy

Religious Accommodation Policy

Anti-Harassment Policy


Conducting business with integrity

We operate transparently because securing the bitcoin blockchain is a privilege and a responsibility we take to heart. We listen to community concerns and facilitate business in the best way possible for our employees, our neighbors, our shareholders, and the bitcoin community.

Board Diversity Matrix

Computer Network Usage Policy

Laptops and Mobile Devices

Media Interactions

No Solicitation Distribution Policy

Safety And Security

Social Networking Policy

Use Company Property Responsibly And Only With Permission

Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Policies

Employee Conduct

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