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OpenADR Solutions | Middleware for the Energy Transition

CleanSpark previously acquired GridFabric, a leading provider of OpenADR implementation and certification.

GridFabric creates OpenADR software solutions that help power utilities and IoT products to shed, shift, shimmy and shape peak load.

Background on OpenADR

Automated grid flexibility is critical to a renewable energy powered grid by ensuring electricity is used when it is cleanest and cheapest. Automating via Open Standards reduces implementation costs and improves interoperability of programs, which means more money can go towards incentivizing the participation and innovation necessary to support the clean energy transition.

Top open standards for load shifting include OpenADR, DNP3, IEEE 2030.5, and a number of others that are used in specialized scenarios. OpenADR is the most mature and typical go-to option for demand response / load shifting programs.

Why load shifting?

With renewable energy, WHEN you use electricity is becoming more important than HOW MUCH YOU USE.


For all companies providing grid flexibility, standardization around OpenADR leads to lower implementation costs and hassle.

GridFabric’s products allow companies to implement OpenADR on their platforms and gain certification with the OpenADR alliance, faster and more cost effectively than doing it themselves.

With two product lines Plaid (Client) and Canvas (Server) - which together facilitate communication between power consuming, internet connected products and utilities or load aggregators, respectively. Plaid and Canvas do not both need to be present for successful programs: both products will be able to add value individually or together in any demand response or load shifting program that implements OpenADR.

Buy Vs Build

We minimize integration cost with a microservice implementation and flexible HTTP integration with the microservice, allowing most customers to implement in a "just in time" manner - integrate just the parts you need now. This also keeps operating costs down: since the integration between the microservice and our customers' platforms is simple, there isn't too much to do to update it.

We keep our cost structure simple, so customers can easily compare the cost to buy our solution vs the time and opportunity cost of building and operating themselves.

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OpenADR Server (VTN)

Canvas implements a Virtual Top Node (VTN), the server side of the OpenADR protocol. It is used by Grid Operators and Aggregators to administrate load shifting programs.

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OpenADR Client (VEN)

Plaid implements a Virtual End Node (VEN), the client side of the OpenADR protocol. It is used by controls and loT product companies to participate in load shifting programs.

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