Residential Energy Solutions Your Next Right Decision   mVoult is a smart power system for your home that keeps you connected to what matters the most.


Decreases your reliance on the utility grid by providing backup in the event of a power outage


Optional upgrades provide full backup during a power outage or enables you to live off grid


Fully configurable to help maximize your energy efficiency and keep costs low

Be a Hero

Life at your house won’t skip a beat. mVoult enables you to stay connected to what matters the most. Keep the lights on, refrigerator cold, electronic devices running and business operating as usual.


Make the Days Count

Tap into new resources like sustainable energy from the sun. mVoult lets you store excess energy produced by solar panels during the day to offset energy consumption at night when utility rates are highest.

Prepare for the Unknown

Abrupt changes in power supply require nimble and responsive controls which mVoult provides. Our advanced technology offers an immediate solution for energy security, flexibility, and sustainability.


Monitor Your Situation

Monitor system energy usage in real time with mVoult's mobile app. Customize how much energy is reserved for power disruptions while easily visualizing total and month-to-date energy cost savings.

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How mVoult Works


Use reserved energy to backup essentials during a utility shutdown or blackout.


Increase cost savings by decreasing reliance on the grid during peak times.


Use solar to power your home and to charge your energy storage system.

Hardware Agnostic

Already using solar power at your home? No problem. mVoult can be integrated with a brand new or existing solar system and integrates with all major solar manufacturers.

Flexible Design

mVoult’s flexible design can fit your current home’s needs allowing for the opportunity for expansion. The system is suitable for homes ranging from 500 to 15,000 sq. ft.

Smart Controls

Optimized controls provide smart energy management for your home. Whether the utility grid is up or down, mVoult will choose the right battery usage based on your preferences and needs.

Proven Track Record

CleanSpark’s energy systems were first developed for mission critical military applications and provide best-in-class technology agnostic solutions that deliver the lowest cost energy with the highest-level resiliency. We have a proven track record including many successful microgrid deployments both nationally and internationally.

Any Questions?

No, but you may purchase Solar as an add-on. CleanSpark offers a wide variety of residential solar solutions in certain US markets and will work closely with you every step of the way to deliver the best value for your needs and solar energy investment.

Sizing the mVoult storage system to meet only your home’s essential energy needs helps improve and prolong the backup support. Before installation, our team of expert consultants work with you to help determine which essential appliances are to be backed up. We have found that homeowners typically choose lights, essential appliances, and important devices. However, there are upgrades available which would enable full house backup or off-grid living.

Although mVoult is considered an integrated solution, do-it-yourself installation is typically not allowed by law. Our professional team of certified partners will work with local authorities to permit and safely install your system with minimal disruptions and will provide ongoing customer support as needed.

It’s time to make your next right decision.

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