Commercial Energy Solutions Defining the Way Energy Powers Our World   As the frequency of grid disruptions, natural disasters, and scheduled power-outages increase, business owners need the peace of mind that comes from more efficient and reliable alternatives to producing and storing energy.


Our Mission

CleanSpark is a company that is changing the future of energy management. Our innovative systems make energy generation and storage more sustainable, affordable, and abundant.


Proven Track Record

CleanSpark’s energy systems were first developed for mission critical military applications and provide best-in-class technology agnostic solutions that deliver low cost energy with high-level resiliency. We have a proven track record, including many successful microgrid deployments both nationally and internationally.

Microgrid Services

Turnkey Projects. Our clients rely on our deep knowledge base and insight to deploy impactful, high-value, performance-wrapped, turnkey microgrid projects.

Industry Experts. Each project is carefully considered by our team of industry experts spanning every facet of the power sector, from energy policy and regulations to design, engineering, and construction of your microgrid.

Energy Management

Software. Abrupt changes in renewable energy generation and facility power demands require nimble and responsive controls, which mPulse, our patented software platform, provides.

Hardware. CleanSpark offers synchronizing critical power equipment in both low and medium voltage configurations which use a variety of operating modes to meet a wide range of single or multiple-generator applications.

Grid Communication

Open ADR. Our products allow companies to implement OpenADR on their platforms and gain certification with the OpenADR alliance, faster and more cost effectively than doing it yourself.

Plaid (Client) and Canvas (Server) facilitate communication between power consuming, internet-connected products and utilities or load aggregators, respectively.

Mission-Critical Military Applications

CleanSpark’s patented management and supervisory control software platform leverages battle-hardened technology with cyber-physical security built into all levels, including out-of-process communication. The platform is technology agnostic and is capable of integrating with a wide array of energy resources and management systems to provide critical back-up power. This flexibility enables users to deploy a best-in-class asset approach to ensure peak performance. Machine-based learning enables our models to use real-time monitoring and historical outcomes to create well-defined yet dynamic forecasts to help guide the decision-making process.


Industry and Business

We work with our clients to help reduce energy expenses; use cleaner energy; and scale energy infrastructure for future expansion. Our microgrid technologies are flexible and support energy systems from simple to complex. CleanSpark’s patented mPulse software optimizes and directs the microgrid to provide resiliency during utility outages and cost savings during normal operations. Collaboration with industry partners enables us to incorporate advanced energy storage technologies which help facilitate the use of renewable energy sources, save on utility costs, provide back-up power, and export energy back to the utility grid, where allowed, to create greater savings.

Self-Sustaining Community Developments

With the energy revolution in full swing, the use of renewables in sustainable housing has become a key differentiating component for community developments. CleanSpark has redefined energy infrastructure for residential homes and communities across North America, providing cost-effective solutions that enable truly sustainable development. Our premier electricity solution for sustainable housing is managed by our patented microgrid control software, mPulse. Our energy solution can set your planned community apart from the rest. CleanSpark is prepared to serve as your exclusive partner providing the engineering, design, development, and controls of renewable energy solutions for your community development.


IoT Product Demand Response Programs

Any internet-connected product that uses energy can participate in load shifting. Participating in a demand response program naturally reduces your overall energy demand and saves money by consuming less electricity during certain peak hours, but you can also earn financial incentives that can be applied to future energy costs. Our software products make OpenADR easy, so companies of all types can start load shifting. CleanSpark’s licensed software solution, Plaid, enables companies to quickly implement OpenADR and translate it into their existing APIs. Companies that implement Plaid get a certified OpenADR 2.0b Virtual End Node (VEN) as though they built it from scratch. CleanSpark will help you implement OpenADR on your platform and gain certification with the OpenADR alliance faster and more cost effectively than doing it yourself.


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