Distributed Energy Controls

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mPulse is CleanSpark's Controller & Distributed Energy Resource Management System

mPulse's Patented Forecasting understands what's coming from weather and from the utility data.  Analysis of the system's available resources and the user's needs determines how to manage the immediate and future energy requirements to deliver the lowest cost of energy with the highest level of resiliency. For multi-meter or campus systems, mPulse is also capable of sharing power with another Microgrid to achieve optimal system performance between both systems.

Technology Agnostic

mPulse is an energy management and supervisory control software platform. It leverages standard protocols and interfaces (such as SunSpec, Modbus, DNP3, TCP/IP, XMPP, OpenADR 2.0b, JSON to name a few). CleanSpark’s system is designed to be technology agnostic and capable of integrating with a wide array of energy resources and management systems. Cyber-physical security is built into all levels of CleanSpark’s technology.

Modular Design

mPulse software is modular and supports energy systems from simple to complex. Our controls hardware comprises commercial-off-the-shelf products sourced from Tier 1, ISO 9000 vendors, which allows for plug-and-play implementation and is made to scale and evolve as your energy needs change over time.

Dynamic Monitoring and Optimization Capabilities

mPulse algorithms monitor the conditions of your microgrid or energy system and respond quickly to maintain system integrity, maximize energy savings and ensure future energy availability.

Patented Forecasting

Utility demand response signals and cloudy days both require nimble and responsive control, which mPulse provides. Patented forecasting beats scheduled control by:

  • Prioritizing battery discharge for the highest value targets, including capacity-based peak pricing
  • Understanding when to conserve battery capacity for a rainy day
  • Adjusting control algorithms on the fly when rates change
  • Utility Interoperability
  • Legacy Asset Integration
  • Integrates with any energy asset or vendor
  • Peak Shaving
  • Real-Time Data Visualization
  • Load Following
  • Load Shifting
  • Load Leveling
  • Energy Storage Integration
  • Islanding Capability

What’s the best mPulse solution for your Microgrid project?

mPulse offers 4 different options with the flexibility to upgrade features as your needs change.

FEATURES Lite Plus Max Pro

Local monitoring and scheduled control

  • Local HMI interface only
  • No cloud portal
  • No reporting
  • Pay to change schedule

Monthly reports and cloud portal

  • Full cloud portal functionality
  • Automated monthly reporting

Alarm & Alerting

  • Some number of pre-configured alarms supported
  • Alert distributions via email or SMS

Economic Optimization

  • Local economic optimization
  • No need to call CleanSpark if utility rates change
  • Ad-hoc reporting and data export
  • Heavier hardware for local controller
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