Commercial Energy Solutions

With the increasing frequency of grid disruptions, natural disasters, and scheduled power-outages, the commercial and industrial power sector seeks more efficient and reliable alternatives to producing and storing energy.

We provide custom energy and microgrid solutions for those who want to:

Microgrid Services

A CleanSpark microgrid is an intelligence-driven, distributed energy resource solution capable of gathering energy from a variety of sources while costs are lowest for use during peak hours.

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Microgrid Controller

mPulse is CleanSpark’s patented, proprietary software platform that enables integration and optimization of multiple energy sources: Solar, Batteries, Wind, and Generators. 

CleanSpark’s mPulse controls has the ability to use real-time and historical data to forecast energy needs and choose whether to consume energy as it is generated or store it for later.

Cyber-physical security is built into all levels of our microgrid control’s technology. 

  • Utility interoperability
  • Legacy asset integration
  • Integrates with any energy asset or vendor
  • Peak shaving
  • Real-time data visualization
  • Load following
  • Load shifting
  • Load leveling
  • Energy storage integration
  • Islanding capability

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Paralleling Switchgear

All of CleanSpark’s switchgear models are custom designed and manufactured to customer’s specifications and requirements with the capability to support all major manufacturer’s gen-sets.

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