Camp Pendleton

Client: Camp Pendleton
Location: San Diego, California
Completion: 2013

CleanSpark Microgrid

System Details

mPulse Software and Controls

PV System
300 kW
Concentrated PV System

250 kW
Diesel Genset

250 kW

(2) 36 kW / 120 kWh
Gel Batteries

25 kW / 30 kWh

Ground Source Geothermal Heat Pumps



Critical Power Fractal Grid (CPFD)

With demand management enabled by CleanSparks mPulse software this CPFD is able to curtail non-critical energy demand in response to current or predicted conditions of the microgrid or utility grid. In addition the system can peak shave by supplying virtually instantaneous energy to cover sudden usage spikes and reduce energy costs. The grid architecture also incorporates cyber-physical security, a high value feature sought by the D.O.E.

Additional features include: Renewable Generation, Grid-Connecting/Islanding, Expandable, Flexible

CleanSpark Products

Analytics & Electrical Engineering
Delivered 2012

Grid Development
Constructed 2014

mPulse DER Energy Manager
Ongoing, Active Management