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Five Tips for Expressing Gratitude at Work 

Five Tips for Expressing Gratitude at Work 

Five Tips for Expressing Gratitude at Work 

Five Tips for Expressing Gratitude at Work 
Five Tips for Expressing Gratitude at Work 

February 27, 2023


Five Tips for Expressing Gratitude at Work 

By: Zurii D’Ambra 

Gratitude is so simple. Step 1: be thankful for something. Step 2: express appreciation for it. But the impact on each of us is extraordinary. 

Gratitude has proven physical, psychological, and social benefits. Expressing gratitude decreases stress, improves our immune systems, and helps cultivate more positive emotions. For me, being thankful helps me stay in the present moment, focus on the good, and stay positive. Here are five ways to cultivate more opportunities to express gratitude daily while at work: 

  1. Make your daily commute more meaningful. As a busy working mom, it is rare that I have moments to myself. I appreciate my drives to and from the office. Sometimes they are quiet, sometimes they involve very loud music, sometimes I listen to a podcast on manifestation. A small moment of freedom helps me reset my intentions. 
  1. Make time for positive interactions with your supervisor. My boss, Rachel, and I always share a laugh or a joke--even when our days are hectic or stressful. Her camaraderie and her support of my professional career is truly meaningful to me.  
  1. Appreciate the small things in your life. Right now, I am especially grateful for my Hydroflask. - It’s a cute raspberry color, keeps my water cold all day, and helps me stay hydrated while I’m at work. 
  1. Learn something new about something ordinary. I recently watched a documentary on Google this past weekend and it was fascinating to see the story of what came to be. Can you imagine what you would do without Google? I must use it at least 10 times a day. I choose to be grateful for the simple tool that makes such a difference in our daily lives. 
  1. Make healthy choices throughout the day. I’ve been on a health journey for the past few months, and it has been great to see progress—not only physically, but mentally as well. I love feeling good about the choices I’m making for my health and the positive impact it has on me during the work day. I have more energy and feel more focused. 

I invite you check out a few great resources about gratitude! 

  1. Grind and Gratitude Podcast 
  1. Op Ed- Why We Can All Feel Thankful for Bitcoin 

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