What is Canvas? Canvas’s grid flexibility and automated demand response software helps ensure electricity is used when it’s the most clean and cheap. It also makes the power grid more efficient, which in turn lowers the cost of providing power. The updates are especially appealing to grid operators and aggregators who test VENs, pilot and run load shifting programs.

What is CleanSpark’s role? CleanSpark purchased Open Automated Demand Response (“OpenADR”) pioneering company GridFabric in August 2020 and has been using its software for our microgrid controller mPulse.

Why does the Canvas update matter? GridFabric created the original OpenADR standard released by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). Its core software offerings are Canvas for Virtual Top Nodes (“VTNs”) or grid operators and Plaid for Virtual End Nodes (“VENs”) or internet-based tech companies. The recently released version three of Canvas includes advanced benefits that support its SaaS or cloud-based purchase options.

“This release includes new features and enhancements to make Canvas easier to install and use, plus a number of general improvements that we have been making to keep up to date with how OpenADR is being used across many scenarios.”

To learn more about Canvas’s version three, visit https://www.gridfabric.io/blog/canvas-vtn-v3-release.