An aging infrastructure, unplanned natural disasters, and increased pricing are constantly putting a strain on traditional power sources and consumers alike. Why risk your electricity when you can opt for your very own residential microgrid?

CleanSpark’s mVoult is a standalone energy management controller that is capable of directing the operations of both existing and new energy assets. mVoult will be offered as a smart controller and mobile app specifically designed for residential applications. CleanSpark also plans to launch a fully integrated mVoult branded battery energy storage and controls solution. The home power solution will enable the selection of optional add-ons such as solar integration or back-up generators. The systems are expected to continue to support the Company's energy and vendor agnostic solutions. CleanSpark's residential microgrids will be capable of integrating into new or existing energy management assets or systems.

mVoult is a resilient, cost-effective, and intelligent residential microgrid

mVoult is a smart power system that allows energy independence for homes ranging from 500 to 15,000 square feet. With a modular design, its flexibility can fit your current home’s needs while also allowing the opportunity for expansion. mVoult has the ability to blend a variety of energy resources including solar, generator, battery, and utility power seamlessly for a reliable and cost-effective energy plan and can be used with new or existing systems.

mVoult’s software identifies the optimal combination of energy generation and storage equipment to be supplied to your home microgrid. A standard setup includes an mVoult smart controller and mobile app with the option to add solar, battery storage, and/or generator.

The advanced software and user-friendly smart controls of mVoult allows consumers to track energy usage and cost savings on your mobile app’s dashboard while monitoring system operations.

Powering your home. Any time. Developed for military applications, now available for your home.

We expect to begin taking pre-orders for both the stand-alone controls and the fully integrated solution in April 2021.  Installations of the solution are expected to begin summer 2021.

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