By: Eleni Stylianou

Members of the CleanSpark team recently returned from a successful trip to the 2022 MiningDisrupt conference in Miami. We had a booth in a prime location complete with giveaways like branded hats, fanny packs, stickers, pens, brochures and phone grips.  

Our CEO Zach Bradford and Executive Chairman Matt Schultz spoke at the event and offered their thought leadership to pressing topics in the bitcoin space.  

In Zach’s keynote speech “Strategy vs Ideology: What ideas are worth fighting for,” he spoke about the bitcoin industry as a whole and the attacks we’ve been resilient against. Stoicism has played a role in his leadership as well as understanding things often get worse before they get better. Building in a bear market is something that CleanSpark has been doing and he urged others to do the same in his speech. “With greater adoption comes greater strength,” he said. 

Matt participated in the panel “The Bitcoin Mining Beef” alongside representatives from Bitfarms, JKL Mining, Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol, Rebel Mining Company, Canaan,, and Unconfiscatable. ESG was a hot topic, with Matt explaining the benefits of an ESG approach and why sometimes it gets a bad rap.  

It’s hard to believe that during the last MiningDisrupt event a year ago, we met representatives from Lancium and the Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol who are both highly valued CleanSpark partners today! We made even more connections with like-minded people this year and are very excited about potential new opportunities.