Outlet: Bloomberg

Date Published: July 7, 2022

Title: Crypto Miner Will Use Batteries to Ease Strain on Texas Grid

Link: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-07-07/west-texas-crypto-mining-site-will-use-batteries-to-aid-grid

Summary: CleanSpark partner and Texas-based Lancium signed a deal to use power from utility-scale batteries by Broad Reach Power LLC (charged mostly by wind and solar) for bitcoin mining when demand on the grid is high. We secured an initial 200 MW of power with Lancium for our bitcoin miners, which are expected to be fully operational in spring 2023.

Lancium Partnership Press Release: https://www.cleanspark.com/blog/cleanspark-to-expand-mining-operations-in-texas-with-up-to-500-megawatts-of-renewable-power/