Sustainable Development

We Integrate. We Install. We Operate & Maintain.

CleanSpark provides sustainable, reliable, secure, and affordable energy solutions with unmatched return on investment.

We Integrate

Our team of world-class systems engineers and integrators utilize a system-of-systems approach developed to quickly and seamlessly incorporate any variety and number of physical devices and cyber-services. Coupled with the best information engineers, electrical engineers, and designers with a unique defense and critical power background, CleanSpark architects, engineers, and integrates its systems to be future-proof.

We Install

Our team of world-class electrical and controls systems installers draw upon decades of experience of fieldwork and leadership to build systems with unmatched workmanship. Coupled with utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and processes, CleanSpark’s internal talent and understanding of advanced power systems build quality from the ground up.

We Operate & Maintain

Our team of world-class operators, maintainers, and technicians are themselves accomplished technologists that achieve harmony with our autonomous monitoring systems. CleanSpark’s O&M teams maintain and operate its installations with experience, skill, and discipline.