Our Story

Revolutionizing Energy For Everyone.

Our Mission

To lead a revolution in transforming global energy into a clean, affordable, and sustainable infrastructure that promotes socio-economic upliftment.

Our Vision

To empower communities through sustainable, secure, and reliable energy.


Around the world, the aging grid is becoming unstable and unreliable due to increases in loads and lack of new large-scale generation facilities. This inherent instability is compounded by the push to integrate a growing number and variety of renewable but intermittent energy generators and advanced technologies into outdated electrical systems. Simultaneously, defense installations, industrial complexes, communities, and campuses across the world are turning to virtual power plants and microgrids as a means to decrease their reliance from the grid, utilize cleaner power, and enhance energy security and surety.

The convergence of these factors has created a “perfect storm” in the power supply optimization and energy management arena. Efficiently building and operating the macro- and microgrids of tomorrow, while maximizing the use of sustainable energy to produce affordable, stable, predictable, and reliable power on a large scale, is a significant opportunity that first-movers can leverage to capture a large share of this emerging global industry.