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Energy Security: the FractalGrid

We are proud to serve the U.S. military by helping it realize true energy security through the use of cutting-edge microgrid technology. Take a look at our FractalGrid installation at Camp Pendleton.

Introducing the flex Power System™

An intelligent enterprise energy platform, our SaaS platform brings energy efficiency, generation management, and energy storage control years ahead of the market. Able to interoperate with the local utility grid, the flex Power System brings users the ability to choose when to buy or sell power, enabling the most cost-effective power solution today.

The Future of Energy in Microgrids

A microgrid is a localized power system comprised of distributed generation assets, energy storage devices, and smart distribution technologies that interoperates through controls and software-based intelligence systems. CleanSpark provides integration, installation, and operations and maintenance products and services that specifically address the global virtual power plant and microgrid markets.

  • Sustainable

    • Optimally-sized renewable systems including solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal
    • Environment-friendly storage technologies including flywheel and compressed air
  • Efficient

    • Cybersecurity embedded through Defense-in-Depth
    • Integrated physical security
    • DoD-grade security
  • Reliable

    • Patent-pending FractalGrid™ technologies for multiple redundancies
    • 10+ year warranties
    • Trusted by military and other critical installations